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In 2023 we are providing a guaranteed return of 13% per year 

What we do...

We renovate properties to provide fixed returns on investments for sums of all sizes. Run by the perfect mix of skills; Sean an Accountant, Finance and Commercial Manager, and Hannah an Architect who supports with design and property selection. Both passionate about building and construction, who work with a reliable team of tried and tested tradesmen.

We carefully select and buy properties to maximise value increase, typically focus on smaller properties to minimise risk. We look for opportunities in areas that have a buoyant property sales market and always focus on great design and finishes. We create great returns on investment and offer both direct and indirect investment.

How we do it

Most importantly, we add value.

We continuously analyse the housing market as a whole and keep a close eye on regeneration in areas of the UK. We are successful because we do not cut corners in our projects and pride ourselves on the best design standards. We produce holiday homes that people want to stay in and homes that people are proud to buy. We beautifully stage our properties before a sales viewings to maximise offers.

Types of Property

We focus on 3 categories of properties summarised below. For more information and a full case study on a current projects, make sure to check out Projects Page.


Today, the Bank of England Current Bank Rate is 2.25%¹, combine this with UK savings rates that have been tumbling for years. Then add in another big challenge, rising inflation which will eat away at the value of your savings. Therefore, put your savings to better use and get greater returns by investing in property. Investments are from 10,000 GBP.


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Keeping our investors informed

Our investors are provided with an exclusive app with login details to track projects and statistics via our dashboard, along with photos of project progress. We also send quarterly reports via email. Our current investors are the first to be informed of new opportunities before they are offered to a wider audience.

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